An anti-infective solution accelerator

VIKYNG-AI has positioned its technology platform as a solution to the problems of infectious diseases. Our technology enables the generation of a multitude of synthetic polymers whose composition can be modulated to exhibit specific antimicrobial activities.

Our novel approach to antimicrobial solution

Polypeptoids are synthetic polymers derived from the ring-opening polymerization of N-carboxyanhydride monomers, and are capable of mimicking the structural features responsible for the antimicrobial activity of AMP (AntiMicrobial Peptides).

This technology offers great design flexibility, enabling precise control of the physicochemical properties of the polymers synthesized. Polypeptoid composition (nature of monomers and initiator), molecule size (number of monomers), charge (ratio between cationic and hydrophobic monomers) are parameters that can be controlled to lead to specific applications and target organisms.

An AI is being developed based on the QSAR (Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship) model. The algorithm will be fed with experimental data obtained with all polypeptoids produced so that the composition, size, structure of the polypeptoid is associated with specific activities (antimicrobial, cytotoxicity). The AI will enable the identification of a given molecule that displays tailored-made properties such as enhanced efficacy against a given microorganism and reduced side effects.

VIKYNG-AI Team will be attending the 8th AMR conference in Basel. We will be pleased to discuss about our project.

A data driven overview of the needs

Today 1,3 Millions people die from infections in the world and even more get infected and live with long term medical effects. These infections are caused by resistance microorganism.

On the other hand, in the past years the new antimicrobial solutions to combat these infections have significally decreased. We now need to fight back by implementing new antimicrobial solution in the fields impacted (therapeutics, medical device and biocide solutions).

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